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500 kilos of cocaine found in shipment of Nespresso coffee

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2022-05-07-500 kilos of cocaine found in a shipment of Nespresso coffee

Swiss police say they have seized 500 kilos of cocaine. The drugs were hidden between bags of coffee beans in a Nespresso factory.

Workers at the Romont factory alerted authorities after they found white powder in bags of coffee beans. Police later found more of the drug in five shipping containers. An initial investigation suggested the shipment came from Brazil.

No cocaine in Nespresso cups

A statement from Nespresso shows that the production of a batch of coffee capsules has gone safely and the cups are not 'contaminated'. “We want to reassure consumers that all of our products are safe to consume,” the coffee company said. The cocaine seized was 80% pure and had an estimated street value of nearly €50 million.

“It is definitely a big seizure for the canton of Friborg, you could say an extraordinary catch,” said Marc Andrey, head of the security region for the region. The cocaine was probably destined for the European market, according to the police.

Source: bbc.com (EN)

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