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David Beckham's CBD Company Targets Internet Censorship

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2022-02-27-David Beckham's CBD company targets internet censorship

World-renowned British football star David Beckham invested $2021 in the CBD company Cellular Goods in 338.000. With the growth of the publicly traded company, that investment is now worth $1,3 million. Beckman acquired shares at a discounted price ($1,37), while others paid five times as much per share. He owns 5 percent of the company.

Cellular is disappointed with the advertising bans of Google, Facebook and Instagram regarding cannabis products. CEO Anna Chokina believes that this severely restricts the company's activities.

Lobbying against advertising ban for CBD products

According to The Times, Cellular continues to lobby both Google and Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, to change their policies. Due to the ad ban, Cellular had to rethink its marketing strategy, which led to the postponement of the full marketing launch.

For example, due to supply chain issues, the release of Cellular's CBD-infused Face Serum has been delayed. In addition, their Cannabinoid After Shaving Moisturizer did not meet 'quality specifications'.
CBD and skin care

Cellular's CBD line includes skin care (post-shave facial oil) and ingestibles (capsules, oral drops, oral spray). Cellular imports cannabinoids from California; a company in Somerset manufactures their products. Chokina, who previously worked at Pepsico and Proctor & Gamble, remains optimistic about Celluar's prospects: "I've been reviewing the company's long-term strategy and strengthening marketing plans to be ready for our big sales boost."

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