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Dutch cannabis experiment postponed again

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2022-03-30-Dutch cannabis experiment postponed again

The experiment with regulated cannabis cultivation has been postponed again. The process will not start until the second quarter of 2023, Ministers Ernst Kuipers of Health and Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius of Justice and Security say in a letter to the House of Representatives. The original plan was to start selling regulated cannabis in 2020. That was then postponed to the second half of 2022 and now to next year.

The cannabis trial aims to place the cannabis trade in ten municipalities under state supervision. The hope is that this will reduce the role of criminals and make better quality weed available.

According to the ministers, it is taking longer than expected to get to the point where the quantity, quality and diversity of legally grown cannabis is sufficient to supply the participating coffee shops with sufficient stocks.

Too little enthusiasm for state scannabis

The run-up to this much-discussed cannabis trial was not very promising. One problem after another emerged. Coffee shops in large municipalities or cities dropped out due to the strict conditions of the experiment. While this is essential to get good comparison results. Moreover, there are not enough cannabis growers who see the benefit of this ramshackle, contrived pilot to ensure that cannabis is better regulated in order to get rid of the age-old, dusty policy of tolerance and to deal with 'backdoor problems' and the associated criminal circuit.

big flop

Eight of the ten growers have now been designated, but the ninth and tenth are still missing. Selecting the cannabis growers is taking "longer than expected and several growers are having trouble getting a location," the ministers wrote. So far, eight out of ten growers participating in the experiment have been selected. “The ninth and tenth growers are expected to be selected shortly.”

Moreover, the growers who do want to participate encounter many problems, for example regarding a good cultivation location. Financing is also a major problem because banks are very reluctant to open accounts in this industry. The ministers hope to be able to start the transition phase of the experiment in the second quarter of 2023. In this phase, participating coffee shops will sell both regulated state weed and tolerated cannabis – which comes in through the back door.

Six weeks later, the experiment begins at full power. Then coffee shops in participating municipalities are only allowed to sell cannabis from designated growers. The experiment will last four years.

Source among others nltimes.nl (Source, EN)

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