Dutch drug crime and culture of violence increasingly extreme

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2022-06-15-Dutch drug crime and culture of violence increasingly extreme

Mayors Halsema and Aboutaleb wrote a letter to the House of Representatives in which they speak about 'a criminal culture of violence that is gradually taking on Italian features.' This topic will be debated in the House this evening.

According to the mayor of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, mafia practices must be tackled more vigorously, among other things, by strengthening the police and the Public Prosecution Service. Legislation must also be introduced and to curb money laundering. The absolute low point of more extreme drug violence is the liquidation of crime reporter Peter R. De Vries.

Italian law

It is not surprising that the parallel is drawn with Italy. This country has long been looked at when it comes to drugstackling and combating organized crime. Leaders are more isolated there to prevent criminal organizations from being led from prison and continuing with illegal activities.

Laundering drug money at holiday parks

Thanks to its good infrastructure, the Netherlands is not only an important transit port for hard drugs. Money laundering takes place on a large scale in the anonymity of holiday parks. A paradise for drug criminals because local governments hardly erect barriers against criminal investments. These are astronomical amounts of money that often run into the tens of millions.

Holiday parks are often bought up by criminals with cash. Sometimes even under the watchful eye of management.
This is stated in a confidential report from the Regional Information and Expertise Center (RIEC) East Netherlands, which conducts research for the government into subversive, organized crime.

sources ao RTL news en Telegraaf (NEITHER)

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