Dutch weed trial reaches low point

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It soon became clear that there were many snags to the Dutch cannabis trial. However, it now seems to be turning into a deception. Ten cities were set to participate in the state weed pilot this fall. While the run-up to this project has been taking more than 2 years, not much has happened yet. “There are too many uncertainties,” Ahmed Marcouch, mayor of Arnhem, wrote in a letter to the city council.

These problems can prevent the program from getting off the ground in time, ANP and NOS report. A conclusion that cannabis experts have seen coming for miles. The experiment is intended to see whether the cultivation of cannabis can become legal in the Netherlands in order to put an end to the controversial policy of tolerance. The independent investigation of the weed test will also take into account the effects this would have on safety and public order and health.

Marcouch explained that the growers needed more time to deliver a large enough volume of high quality cannabis. He said it became clear in April that there could be a possible delay. The first signs of this emerged during the meeting of the ten participating municipalities and the Ministers of Justice and Health.

Cannabis trial delayed by quality requirements

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice told the NOS that this was not so much a delay, but more the result of the importance of a careful selection process with strict conditions. At the end of last year, ten suppliers were selected from about forty applications to participate in the trial. These growers then underwent a screening. They would be approved if no objection was raised.

Besides Arnhem, there are nine municipalities: Almere, Breda, Groningen, Heerlen, Hellevoetsluis, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Tilburg and Zaanstad. The four largest Dutch cities Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht decided not to participate because they did not agree with the design of the trial.

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bart wake up July 9, 2021 - 12:57 PM

Opponents are constantly doing everything they can to sabotage legalization and give it a bad name.
It is made needlessly complicated, high taxes and all kinds of rules, just to show that it would be impossible.

And that while one only has to stop chasing and locking up the population.

But apparently there are too many stakeholders in a police state.


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