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Efficiency is key in medicinal cannabis cultivation

by Ties Inc.

2018-12-19-Efficiency is key in medicinal cannabis cultivation

The worldwide demand for medical cannabis is increasing and the production facilities are getting bigger and more automated. Efficiency in the cultivation of medicinal cannabis is essential and this starts with automation and process planning.

Codema from Bergschenhoek has automated a number of the top 10 cannabis growers in Canada and the US. In this way, the Dutch company is involved in a large number of medicinal and legalized cannabis projects in these countries. Codema offers automation on every essential component in the greenhouse for growers, such as cultivation systems, logistics, water treatment, irrigation and software. Meanwhile, Codema has gathered a lot of knowledge about the critical success factors in the cannabis world and has listed them.

Critical success factors

The cultivation of cannabis must meet high hygiene standards. The concentration of CBD and THC in the medicinal oil is very important. Medical cannabis should therefore not contain any pesticides, heavy metals, fungi or bacteria. It is also extremely important to allow as little air flow as possible as cross contamination with this crop should really be avoided. In addition, great importance is attached to the uniformity of cultivation, whereby automation is applied.


Codema presents this knowledge in the white paper: technology for medicinal cannabis: 10 critical success factors for achieving the best results. You can find the white paper here .

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