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First cannabis cafe in the US opened in Los Angeles

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2019-10-01-First US cannabis cafe opens in Los Angeles

The very first cannabis café in the United States has officially opened in Los Angeles. The Lowell Café opened the doors of West Hollywood's weed harbor to the public on Tuesday.

"We have had to hide cannabis users from the public for over a century, but that time is now over," the Lowell Café website reads. America's first cannabis café serving fresh food, coffee, juice and cannabis daily. Lowell Café is a hybrid weed lounge and restaurant where you can order cannabis with your meal. The café features a 'Dab Bar' for the more experienced cannabis consumer and a 'Flower House' with hosts who can help customers, including beginners, choose their perfect 'flower'.

“A few questions we will initially ask is: what is your tolerance level, and are you with someone who is safe or do you have a method of getting home,” says host Erika Soto. The cafe aims to be a welcoming place for cannabis connoisseurs as well as those simply curious.

21 plus

There are some rules: no one under the age of 21 may enter. Not even with a medical marijuana card. Marijuana was decriminalized in California in 2016. Any adult may legally grow, possess and use cannabis for non-medicinal purposes with certain restrictions. In 2018 it became legal to sell and distribute cannabis through a regulated company in the state. New regulations for cannabis companies were passed in 2019, with strong restrictions on sales and advertising for anyone under 21.

10.000 weed companies

There are currently more than 10.000 licensed cannabis companies in California. Recreational marijuana use has been legalized in nearly a dozen states, and 65% of Americans are in favor of legalization. Most view marijuana as less harmful than alcohol and believe it to be less dangerous than other drugs. However, many opponents of legalization believe it will increase crime and are against the sale of weed.

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