Flavor bans on vapes make no sense

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From January 1, there will be a ban on flavors for vapes in the Netherlands, after a transition period of one year during which vape shops could still use up their stock. State Secretary Van Ooijen of the Ministry of Health: “From January 1, I will no longer dare to sell the flavor. Because those fines, which can amount to 4500 euros, are really going to happen.”

He emphasizes that the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) will also immediately enforce this new ban in January. Producers, importers, distributors and sellers who do not remove vapes from the market may receive an even higher penalty. The aim is to discourage or stop young people from harmful vaping.

Illegal vapes due to lack of European legislation

Many Dutch entrepreneurs do not like the ban. Some have already left just across the border, where the flavors will soon be allowed to be sold. Moreover, online trading continues as usual and young people can easily order the flavors across the border in web shops. Illegal trade will also increase due to the ban.

Without European legislation little will change. In England, millions of vapes are being distributed by the government to get people to quit smoking. There is also no flavor ban in Belgium yet because the Supreme Health Council recognizes that flavors are important to keep ex-smokers from smoking through vaping.

According to Martin Buijsen, professor of health law at Erasmus University, this development indicates that European policy is necessary. “The Dutch government is now doing everything it can do to curb vape use. But online sales from abroad are still possible. To tackle this, European rules will really have to be introduced.”

Source: rtlnieuws.nl (NEITHER)

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