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German cannabis entrepreneurs angry with Hagen city council

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The German cannabis entrepreneurs Erik Brenner (23) and Luis Richter (23) don't get it. The city of Hagen has criticized the vending machine with hemp products that the duo have set up in Wehringhausen. It is now even being investigated whether the young entrepreneurs have committed a criminal offense. Brenner: “We sell legal products. And our concept has not been rejected in other cities either.”

In August, the business partners installed a vending machine on Wehringhauser Straße with hemp products containing the active ingredient CBD contain. This is cannabidiol, a substance extracted from the hemp plant that has no intoxicating effect and is also not addictive. “The effect is rather relaxing and soothing,” Richter and Brenner say.

City Council's Criticism of Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Unlike the psychoactive substance THC, which also occurs in the hemp plant and plays a crucial role in the production of marijuana and hashish, CBD has great future potential, the young entrepreneurs emphasize, for example in optimal recovery after sports activities.

However, the Pablomat, as Brenner and Richter have baptized the system, is a thorn in the side of the Hagen city council. A stigmatization of the already problematic neighborhood in Wehringhausen, a high conflict potential and additional risk of further disputes and a possible relationship with drugs were mentioned in a statement in which several municipal authorities expressed their concerns.

The police and the public prosecutor's office were called in, who are now investigating whether the installation of the CBD machine could be criminally relevant: "This review will take some time," said senior prosecutor Dr Gerard Pauli.

Erik Brenner complains that the actions of the authorities in Hagen are unique and absolutely unjustified for him and his partner: “In other cities the mood was positive even after our machines became known.” He finds the accusation that his automaton contributes to discrediting Wehringhausen's reputation is simply "ridiculous." The duo suspect that the people in Hagen have insufficient knowledge of CBD products. They are willing to clarify this for the city council.

Source: wp.de (DE)

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