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Irish police warns of the effect of 'new' drugs: 'people become very aggressive with it'

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Irish police warns about the effect of 'new' drugs: 'people become very aggressive with it'

GARDAÍ in Cork, Ireland, has warned that new strains of cannabis make users more aggressive, rather than having the traditional soothing, calming effect.

Head of the Community Policing, Sergeant Stewart Philpott, said that cannabis has always been there, but the problem now is the cultivation of plants.

Sgt Philpott said, “The growers are crossing varieties and a lot of it is very strong.

“Cannabis has traditionally been a very gentle drug. People get very relaxed and relaxed, but now they become very aggressive with it. It's much stronger. Not all weed, but people often don't know what to try. '

The agent said that many drug users in Cork have started to avoid cannabis because of the effect it has on them.

He has also raised problems with new types of chemical drugs.

“A lot of things are chemicals now and people literally really don't know what they are taking,” he said.

Many of the drugs are produced around the area with schools and it can be incredibly dangerous, he added.

“It's all powder MDMA, ecstasy and you don't know what you're taking. It can be produced anywhere, it can contain something.

"Then you have a lot of chemical cocaine and people have no idea what's in it."

The sergeant warned that although there is some discretion about drinking on the street, the armed forces have no freedom whatsoever about drugs.

“We have absolutely no discretion. If you are caught with drugs in Ireland, you will end up in court. That's the bottom line. ”

The agent said that people should think about the consequences of drug addiction.

“You hear terrible stories of people in their XNUMXs traveling for work and being pulled out of line for a drug conviction saying 'you can't enter the United States'.

“It could be for five pounds 25 years ago, but it never goes out of your file and places like Canada, United States, Australia - the countries you need visas for - won't let you in. ”

Sgt. Philpott said it is possible to exercise caution in Ireland when drinking, but not with drugs.

"You come here to court and with a court decision and everything that comes with it."

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