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Italians smoke en masse joint without getting high

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2019-06-28-Italians smoke joint en masse without getting high

When you ask the average stoner why they use cannabis, it will often be to experience the high. Nevertheless, the sale of joints with only 0,2 percent THC, which cannot get you stoned, is going like a train in Italy.

The product is sold over the counter as 'cannabis light' and is therefore so light that you will not get stoned or experience a daze. Sales of the new product started in 2016. A new law in Italy made it possible to legalize the cultivation of seeds when the THC content remained below 0,2 percent. THC is the psychoactive substance in cannabis, which provides the 'high effect'.

From industrial hemp to cannabis light

This law was initially intended, of course, to promote the cultivation of hemp. Hemp is used for many different purposes, such as in car doors, as animal feed or in home construction. However, it also caught on with the public, when a large number of stores started selling the by-product of the same hemp cultivation. There he was the legal joint: cannabis light.

Yet in addition to the wildly enthusiastic customers and tourists, there are also fierce opponents of the joint that is sold under names such as Chill Haus and Black Buddha. An article by the NOS showed that Deputy Prime Minister Salvini is less happy about it. "It cannot be that there are a thousand shops in Italy where drugs are sold legally, in broad daylight."

This negative attitude towards cannabis light is not based on anything. Certainly not because this trend can have a positive influence on the illegal trade in soft drugs. Researchers from Erasmus University, among others, estimate that the sale of the legal joint can limit the illegal circuit. As a result, the Mafia would miss out on 90 to 170 million euros a year, NOS writes.

Negative advice

Nevertheless, the Ministry of Health advises to ban the sale of cannabis light. However, nothing is known about this yet, because the Supreme Court will rule on this in July. Still, it remains to be seen why the Italians are so fond of cannabis light if you don't get the psychoactive kick from it. The leaves seem to have a calming effect on you. That can't hurt after a few good Italian espressos.

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