Italy introduces new regulations for oral CBD

by Team Inc.

CBD oil drops

Since last week, products containing natural cannabidiol (CBD) and intended for oral use have been classified as narcotics in Italy. Such products can only be supplied through pharmacies and on medical prescription.

The decree came into effect on September 20. It is also prohibited to advertise these products and authorization is required for their manufacture, storage and distribution.

CBD legislation

This only applies to oral products that are natural CBD contain. These regulations therefore do not apply to cannabidiol in cosmetics and oils that contain the substance in synthetic form. Currently in Italy, oils containing natural CBD are sold in regular stores and pharmacies.

Legal challenges could come from companies marketing natural CBD oils in Italy that are legally registered as food supplements in other countries, based on the principle of free movement of goods within the European Union.

If this happens, it will be up to the Italian authorities to defend the legality of the decree by demonstrating that the restrictions imposed by the decree are actually necessary and proportionate with a view to protecting the public health of Italian citizens.

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