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Marijuana stocks that are ready to go from zero to absolute riser

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Marijuana stocks poised to go from zero to absolute riser (Image: www.distel.co)

The interest of investors is shifting from large to small companies with a large capacity. Because of the controversies and scandals in which the market leaders Involved, investors are now focusing on unannounced marijuana stocks that have the potential to go from zero to heroism.

Supreme (TSX: FIRE), Neptune (TSX: NEPT) (NASDAQ: NEPT) and TGOD (TSX: TGOD) are finally getting attention. For those interested in investing in the cannabis corner, all three companies will be alternative options.

Well done “FIRE”

FIRE regains its strength after losing part in mid-June. The company received a substantial boost after concluding an agreement to take over Truverra. Supreme will manage two subsidiary companies: Canadian Clinical Cannabinoids Inc. and Truverra Europe BV It's like slapping two birds with one stone.

This strategic acquisition allows Supreme to significantly increase its presence in the Canadian and European markets. Canadian Clinical facilities will be used to produce top quality cannabis extracts, and Supreme can use the same facilities to produce concentrates and oils for vaporization.

Supreme will have even more options once the company completes the acquisition of the licensed BlissCo Cannabis. Investors note: Supreme is not interested in gaining market share in the cheaper cannabis strains segment. The company will focus on the premium product markets where the brand is already known. Expect FIRE to blaze in the coming months.

From nutraceuticals to cannabis with Neptune

Neptune is one of the biggest winners in the cannabis industry. So far this year it has grown by 101,7%, proving that management's decision to switch from nutraceuticals to cannabis was a smart one. Nutraceuticals are products obtained from natural sources and have a scientific basis in terms of their effectiveness. The company's expertise in extraction and purification will be key to making progress in the fast-growing industry.

Neptune has signed an agreement to offer Canopy Growth extraction and purification services. The volume requirement is huge, so Neptune will generate a profit from this affiliated company. Two more extraction agreements were signed with cannabis companies Tilray and TGOD.

Health Canada has also licensed Neptune to process cannabis, allowing the company to ship extracts from the Quebec plant. Because Neptune has taken over the cannabis supplier Sugarleaf from North Carolina, the company expects to generate $ 150 million in revenues from US markets in the next three years.

TGOD is conquering the world market

There is a greater incentive for investors to take The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) seriously from now on. Health Canada has extended the licenses of the Ancaster, Ontario, facility of the company until August 2022, giving TGOD the authority to grow, process and sell cannabis from this site.

Furthermore, the ultramodern hybrid greenhouse at Ancaster is nearing completion. From the end of August TGOD can increase production and execute the business plan of the company. The 166.000 square foot facility will produce 17.500 kilograms annually. TGOD also looks at global exports.

In fact, TGOD is positioning itself to become the premium organic cannabis company in the world. The activities are focused on the medical cannabis markets in Canada, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. TGOD will also be active on the Canadian market for adult use.

In Canada, the competitive advantage lies in the organic hemp CBD oil business. TGOD grows high-quality certified organic cannabis and medical patients can benefit from the sustainable, all-natural principles of hemp. TGOD plans to grow up to 219.000 kilograms in processing facilities in three countries.

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