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New Michigan law allows vets to discuss CBD as an option with pet owners

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New Michigan law allows vets to discuss CBD as an option with pet owners

The Governor of Michigan has signed legislation allowing vets to discuss CBD with pet owners about giving their animals cannabis-based products for therapeutic use.

Michigan lawmakers approved the proposal well in December and vets are letting CBD 'consult' with pet owners about using marijuana or hemp products for their pets.

According to market analytics giant Nielsen Global Connect, sales of CBD products for pets are booming. The growth is already underway, while the U.S. Food and Drug Administration - which oversees pet foods and medicines, as well as those for human consumption - has yet to approve CBD for pets.

Nielsen surveyed 100 vets in April and found that they are more aware of CBD than doctors.

What does it mean that vets can recommend CBD to pet owners?

First, it legally opens the door for a conversation about alternative treatments for a pet's inflammatory conditions, cancer, anxiety, seizures, or other conditions that may benefit from marijuana's anti-inflammatory and nausea effects, appetite stimulation, and cardiovascular disease. anti-anxiety impact. But it also means that veterinarians may need to study cannabis-related treatments.

What does it mean that vets can recommend CBD to pet owners?
What does it mean that vets provide CBD to owners pets can advise? (afb)

A 2018 study published by Frontiers in Veterinary Studies, previously showed that of the 2100 certified veterinarians surveyed, most considered themselves 'fairly knowledgeable' about the therapeutic use of marijuana in dogs, but warned that their state-based veterinary associations had no advice on how to problem.

So, is CBD effective in treating pets?

While it remains largely unclear, as more research - and more specific research - is needed, there are some studies that suggest that not only is it a safe treatment when administered properly, but that it is also effective, especially in cases of inflammation.

A 2020 study from the Baylor College of Medicine in collaboration with CBD brand Medterra that last year was published, showed that dogs diagnosed with osteoarthritis saw a rapid and “significant improvement in mobility and quality of life” after treatment with high doses of CBD.

While not a cure for cancer, CBD and other cannabis-derived treatments have been linked to successfully treating symptoms of cancer and cancer treatments, including nausea and loss of appetite. But it also has the potential to slow the growth of cancerous tumors.

A columnist for the Metrotimes described the journey of his dog Kai, who, after being told he would not live for the past three months due to cancer, lived nearly four years after that grim diagnosis after taking daily doses of CBD oil, a drug derived from cannabis.

Although veterinarians can now discuss CBD treatments in Michigan with interested pet owners, they are still prohibited from administering and prescribing cannabis supplements due to federal law and lack of regulation.

The Food and Drug Administration has yet to approve the marketing of CBD products as food or dietary supplements, despite the federal legalization of hemp and hemp derivatives in 2018, leading to products that may or may not contain CBD, or that are full of additives , chemicals and / or hemp seed oil, which is not the same as CBD oil.

Stay tuned: last summer, the FDA issued a “voluntary recallIssued from dozens of hemp products destined for humans and pets because of lead contamination.

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