Nigeria does not want to legalize recreational use of cannabis

by Team Inc.

cannabis plant cultivation

The Director General of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC, Prof. Christianah Adeyey said on Thursday that Nigeria will not support legalization of cannabis for non-medical use.

She said the challenges posed by the supply and consumption of drugs are not limited to people who use drugs, but have wider health, social and economic implications for families, the community and the country.

Cannabis use in Nigeria

“A recent UN report showed that cannabis is the most commonly used drug. An estimated 10,8 percent of the population, or 10,6 million people. The average age at which people start using is 19 years old. Cannabis use is seven times higher among men (18,8 percent among men vs. 2,6 percent among women), while the gender gap in non-medical use of pharmaceutical opioids (such as tramadol) was less pronounced.
Nigeria will be the trend of legalization for non-medical use, as the country does not have the financial capacity to manage cultivation and production and to combat illegal use.

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