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Rotterdam does not await ban on laughing gas

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2019-12-18-Rotterdam is not waiting for the ban on nitrous oxide

Actions rather than words. In Rotterdam they do not wait for a majority in parliament for a ban on laughing gas. We do make policy ourselves, they seem to think in the port city. Young people who touch the balloons will soon risk a fine. In addition, the sale is now banned in many places in the city.

Last summer laughing gas was already banned at many events and on the boulevard of Nesselande, which again this year came in the news negatively due to fierce riots with young people. Nuisance from young people using laughing gas is only increasing in Rotterdam. This not only leads to dangerous traffic situations, but is also simply annoying for local residents. Mayor Aboutaleb therefore designates a very large area where the sale of the volatile substance is prohibited. Sellers risk a fine of around 100 euros.

Balloon, balloon

By sucking balloons, young people take a shot of laughing gas for a quick, cheap intoxication. For a few seconds you are off the card, due to a reaction of the body to oxygen deficiency. This creates a dangerous situation and is a public health problem. State Secretary Blokhuis therefore calls for a ban on the substance being covered by the Opium Act. Whether his proposal will receive a majority, however, remains to be seen.

Actions rather than words

In Rotterdam they are not waiting for this ban. After all, there is already enough laughter in the port city. Due to a sales ban in many places such as Noordereiland, the quays of Katendrecht, the Kop van Zuid and along the Maasboulevard, the nuisance at the core is tackled. In addition, above-ground train and metro stations and adjacent parking areas have been designated as 'red zones'. The sale of cartridges and balloons is also prohibited in squares, schools, shopping centers and parks. The question is, of course, whether black sales will not increasingly take place online.

User prohibition

Not only the sellers are tackled harder, the city council and the mayor of Rotterdam also argue for a user ban in case of nuisance. This will be in the APV on 1 January. You can only see balloons back at parties they hope in Rotterdam.

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