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Rotterdam mayor visits Colombia to tackle cocaine trade

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2022-02-05- Rotterdam mayor visits Colombia to tackle cocaine trade

Mayor Aboutaleb visited Colombia to speak with representatives of the Colombian government, dock workers, mayors, the secret service and local people. Port of Rotterdam, together with the port of Antwerp, is known as the most important transit port for cocaine to the rest of Europe. Many of the shipments come from Colombia.

Drugs often enter Europe via Rotterdam or Antwerp. Last year, customs authorities in Rotterdam seized 70,5 tons of cocaine, 30 tons more than in 2020. Belgian customs authorities discovered 89,5 tons of cocaine last year. Record after record is broken.

Working together against cocaine trafficking

“The ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam are only part of the cocaine trade chain,” says Aboutaleb. “From poor coca farmers to users who look away from the world behind the line. Together with Colombia we go the drug crime call a halt.”

The mayors hope to fight drug trafficking by working with Colombian authorities and improving coordination with other EU countries. “The consequences of the cocaine trade and cocaine use affect all of Europe. It is precisely the lack of coordination and direction that makes Europe attractive for drug criminals," says Aboutaleb.

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