Spanish police intercept 56 kilos of MDMA for million ecstasy pills

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ecstasy pills in a bag

Spanish police have discovered a drug route from Europe to South America after intercepting a yacht bound for Argentina that had enough MDMA on board to make more than 1 million ecstasy pills.

While boats—and a single narco submarine—have long transported drugs from South America to Europe, the boat's seizure suggests smugglers are using the reverse route to open lucrative new markets in countries where ecstasy is less common. Policía Nacional police said the seizure was the first known case of MDMA being carried on this route.

International MDMA Interception

The international operation, which led to the arrest of five people, began in late October when Policía Nacional agents learned that criminal gangs on the Costa del Sol were planning to take a large amount of the drug to South America. Police in Argentina subsequently informed them that an Argentine national had left Brazil and arrived in Spain to take charge of the boat that would be used to drugs to smuggle.

The boat, abandoned after being used to bring 2020 kg of cocaine to Spain in 1.500, was carefully converted and supplied by the man and four other Argentines. “The arrested men remodeled both the inside and outside of the boat as part of heavy security measures to ensure it would not be associated with the previous police operation,” the Policía Nacional said in a statement.

These activities happened a lot in the night hours and even during football matches of Spain at the World Cup in Qatar. At the end of November, the name of the boat was changed and two of the suspects left Cádiz for Argentina. However, the ship broke down and the port of Tarifa was visited. Then the plan was conceived to supply the ship in the Canary Islands. However, the plan was short-lived and the boat was intercepted by customs patrols as it left Tarifa.

New route?

After an hours-long search, investigators discovered a secret aluminum compartment built under the kitchen furnishings. 28 packets of MDMA were hidden here. Following the arrest of three other members of the alleged gang in Marbella, police determined they had attempted to smuggle the drug into Argentina to produce between 800.000 and 1,2 million pills, depending on purity.

“MDMA is much scarcer in South America than in Europe,” police said. “This operation has revealed a new drug route from Europe to Latin American countries, enabling these organizations to reach a new market of millions of potential consumers. The very high value of synthetic drugs in South America explains why they chose to open up this new transport route.”

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