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The Dutch cabinet is investigating a total ban on snus

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The use of snus is immensely popular among young people. Previously, these nicotine pouches were negatively in the news because of the addictive effect. Snus with tobacco is already prohibited in the Tobacco and Tobacco Products Act.

Nicotine pouches (snus) with 0,035 or more milligrams of nicotine per pouch may no longer be sold or traded in the Netherlands. The product is harmful to health, the NVWA ruled in 2021. State Secretary Maarten van Ooijen (Public Health) is now investigating the possibilities for a total ban of nicotine pouches. Concerns now focus on tobacco-free snus.

Total ban

It is easily accessible to use the pouches. Nobody sees it when you have it in your mouth. Van Ooien and Minister of Justice Yesilgöz see the use of snus without tobacco increasing among young people and receive alarming reports from secondary schools that find it worrying that these types of addictive and harmful products are being sold and used en masse.

Criminal Exploitation

Another disturbing development that young kids are being recruited to do criminal jobs in exchange for the nicotine bags. This is a form of criminal exploitation that ensures that young people come into contact with the criminal world at an early age, are sucked into it and are then forced to carry out illegal activities. To prevent this, investments are made in prevention when it comes to undermining juvenile crime.

Source: AD.nl (NEITHER)

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