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University of Canada is researching how cannabis can help fight cancer in dogs

by Team Inc.

2019-11-01-University in Canada examines how cannabis can help fight cancer in dogs

Due to the strong sense of smell, dogs are sometimes used by doctors to detect diseases. For example to detect cancer. Unfortunately, the four-legged friends themselves can also get this terrible disease. That is why a Canadian university in Ontario has started a three-year study into cannabis treatment in dogs with cancer.

A press release from the Ontario Veterinart College (OVC) said the study "could point the way to alternative therapies for pets." A nice development. The research focuses on the non-psychoactive ingredient cannabidiol and its effect on bladder cancer in dogs. A common type of cancer in these animals.

Pets well-being

Professor Hocker's research is funded by Gray Wolf Animal Health, an animal health company dedicated to pet welfare in Canada. Jeff Wichtel, Dean at the OVC: “Veterinarians and pet owners are excited about information about the medical uses for cannabis,” said Wichtel, “This groundbreaking work will help us learn more about the role of cannabinoids in cancer and will promote this field of medical research in Canada.” This can be read on the Dogzine website.

Bladder cancer in dogs is very difficult to remove surgically. Hocker hopes his study results will help other researchers develop treatments for cancer in dogs. Hocker will study the effects of CBD on bladder cancer cell lines. He hopes to know whether the compound kills cancer cells and how it works, including whether the process involves endocannabinoid receptors that occur naturally in the body. He will also look at the effects of using CBD along with radiation and chemotherapy. Perhaps this research could also lead to good treatment methods for bladder cancer in humans.

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henriette November 5, 2019 - 01:52

Good evening,
Just would like to let you know about my Cairn Terrier who was diagnosed throat-cancer last year.
My fat told me he would not live until Christmas, perhaps a bit longer if he would get chemotherapy.
I did not want that for my myself and equally less for my dog.
I must tell you that I had an extremely difficult time to find out what and how much oil I could give
the poor little thing so I really had to expiriment with what dose I could give him because he is only
a very small dog and weighs about 7 kilos. I live in Portugal and Cannabis is an absolutely No No here.
Anyway… I tried both THC and CBD. Starting with THC and when He was feeling a bit better I tried
to change for CBD.
3 weeks ago he had a check-up and the cancer is all gone but he is still alive and kicking, no pain
and happy, me too. I am so sorry that there is no fat here who will give Cannabis to a dog and there is no information either about how to do it.

druginc November 5, 2019 - 13:01

Dear Henriette, we are very please to hear from you that you have tried it and it worked for your dog. Thank you for letting us know and we wish you and your dog all the best!

Andrei 23 June 2020 - 14:45

Классная статья, интересно было прочитать, видно что автор хотел преподнести, так же неплото бые