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A fresh cannabis beer: The Green Buzzard

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29-05-2020-A fresh cannabis beer: De Groene Buzzard

Raymond Gammage launches a fresh cannabis sprint on June 1: the green buzzard. “A fresh green beer with a grassy aftertaste,” says the brewer. The cannabis beer was brewed for the Mañana Mañana festival, where people enjoy the relaxed festival vibe every year. Unfortunately, the corona virus threw a spanner in the works this year.

That is why it was decided to market the CBD beer in a different way. The beer contains CBD oil, but no THC. So you will not experience a high when you knock back such a cold boy. However, CBD can enhance the effect of alcohol. The makers therefore do not recommend that you fill yourself up with the cannabis beer. “We especially wanted to see the positive effect of CBD oil. There are many people who take that daily and benefit from it.”

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