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After cannabis fever, now it's time for mega investments in psychedelics?

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2019-06-13-After cannabis fever, is it time for mega-investments in psychedelics?

Cannabis, CBD and related substances are booming. The green oil slick continues to spread as more and more countries allow the cultivation, sale and use of recreational and medicinal weed. Will this market also spill over into psychedelics?

Major investors predict that companies will turn to hallucinogens after the cannabis hype, which quickly grew into a fully legal multi-billion dollar industry, according to Business Insider. Hallucinogens, known as party drugs for their tripping effect, can also have a therapeutic effect in a lower dose. In addition, more and more people are microdosing to maintain better focus during study or work, to be more creative, or to get rid of the daily stress.

A resort to psychedelics

One of the neuroscientists fueling the research revolution in psychedelics is Enzo Tagliazucchi. He does this at the Goethe University in Germany. He explains in an interview with Business Insider, “A psychedelic experience, such as taking psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic mushrooms) or taking LSD has the power to take a patient out of his or her habitual thought patterns.” As a result, they learn to think differently and to break through patterns. This can help people with mood swings or disorders. Because psychedelics are classified as a 'schedule 1' drug in many countries, possession or consumption is prohibited and there are few medical studies on the effect of hallucinogens.

Tagliazucchi: “The user feels that boundaries between his or her body and the universe dissolve and become one with the environment. This can lead to a sense of transcendence. ” This can help patients overcome anxiety or depression, quit unhealthy habits like smoking, and change their mind. Are (medicinal) hallucinogens the latest hype?

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