Amsterdam still wants to participate in a nationally controversial weed experiment

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Amsterdam wants to participate in the national experiment to regulate the cannabis chain for coffee shops, or a test to determine whether it is possible to make cannabis cultivation legal. The national project has faced numerous delays over the years, after first gaining majority support in parliament in 2016.

The municipality is investigating which district should participate. The municipality aims to designate a district in May.

State weed in Amsterdam

The mayor, the chief of the local police and the head of the local public prosecutor's office agreed in January to participate in the experiment. Amsterdam has previously expressed interest in participating in the trial, but this “proved impossible due to the large number (166) of coffee shops in the city,” according to the municipality.

Initially, ten municipalities were selected to participate in the trial with the legal cultivation, purchase and sale of cannabis. “The cabinet is now preparing to expand the experiment with an eleventh municipality. The amendment to the Closed Coffee Shop Chain Act that makes this possible is currently before the House of Representatives.”

The municipality said the scale and population of the different boroughs make them "suitable" for participating in the experiment. Amsterdam will soon enter into discussions with the coffee shop sector about possible participation. Consultations are currently underway with the Ministry of Justice and Security and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport to further work out the details.

Source: NLtimes (EN)

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