Anger about snus advertising at Grand Prix Zandvoort

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Formula 1 McLaren snus

Snus is a nicotine pouch that is very popular among young people and is banned in the Netherlands. The anger was great when it turned out that the McLaren Formula 1 team is advertising snus. The KWF, the Heart Foundation and the Long Fund have filed a complaint with the Advertising Code Committee about McLaren's advertising.

"It shows how the tobacco industry is doing everything it can to make young people addicted," said KWF director Carla van Gils to De Telegraaf. “We believe this is contrary to good taste and decency.” Nicotine pouches (snus) with 0,035 or more milligrams of nicotine per pouch may no longer be sold or traded in the Netherlands from the end of 2021. The product is harmful to the health according to research by the RIVM.

Snuff in commercials

There is no tobacco in the bags of snus, which are prohibited in the Netherlands. That is why the product does not fall under the Tobacco and Smoking Products Act, but under the Commodities Act. Until the law is amended, it can therefore simply be advertised.
Next week the British McLaren team will be in action during the Grand Prix of Zandvoort. It is not yet certain whether the brand name of the British snus producer will also be prominently displayed on the McLaren racing car. Because at the Grand Prix of Belgium on July 30, the advertisement on the side of the car was replaced by another advertisement. This is because of a ban on snus in Belgium.

Even if the advertisement is not visible on the car itself, it can be part of the team's marketing during the Grand Prix in the Netherlands. According to the KWF, Formula 1 teams should be aware of their exemplary role among young people, De Telegraaf reports. “Well-known athletes do well among young people. Those are the real heroes for them.” It is not yet known whether the case will also be taken up by the Advertising Code Committee.

Source: (NEITHER)

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