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Aurora Sky produces half a million kilos of weed in 2020

by Ties Inc.

2019-02-26-Aurora Sky will produce half a million kilos of weed in 2020

The cultivation of legal cannabis is taking on new forms and is rapidly becoming more professional. Cam Battley, CCO of Aurora Cannabis Inc, gives you a peek behind the scenes of the innovative, newest facility of the weed producer: Aurora Sky.

Aurora Sky consists of 17 grow rooms, each larger than Aurora Mountain in Calgary - the company's first production facility - measuring 32.000 square feet. Aurora sky's innovative greenhouses offer 578.000 square meters of grow space for cannabis cultivation. In fact, the term greenhouse is far too little credit for the latest technologies that you will find at Aurora Sky.

Mega weed factory

A mega factory where men in white suits stand on a conveyor belt sorting buds and advanced glass that ensures that the cannabis plants have optimal growing conditions. Battley: “The growth opportunities are unprecedented and fully automated. You will not find this advanced technology anywhere else in the world. ” There are no walkways between the plants to make the most of the space. “Every square meter can be reached with the latest crane and transport technology. Yet Aurora is also good for employment. ”

Working in the cannabis

25 employees work at Aurora Mountain. The production of Aurora Sky is 20 times as high with around 400 employees. This is due to the automation of the mega weed producer. Aurora is currently active in 23 countries around the world. Aurora Sky is well on its way to achieving the annual production target of no less than 500.000 kilograms of cannabis in 2020.

Watch the video below of Cam Battley, CCO of Aurora Cannabis, giving you a tour of Aurora Sky:

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