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Ban on recreational nitrous oxide by 2023

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As of January 1, 2023, the possession and sale of laughing gas is prohibited in the Netherlands. From that moment on, the commonly used substance is on the list of banned substances. The law has already been approved by the House of Representatives and the Senate, but the Council of State had doubts.

The Council wondered whether the difference between recreational and medical use had been clearly established. Due to the high level of abuse – mainly among young people – and the major risks, such as serious traffic accidents, the cabinet has already opted for a recreational ban as of January in the new year. In which cases the use of nitrous oxide is permitted and in which cases it is not, has indeed been clearly defined, according to the cabinet. Medical and technical use remains possible. You will also continue to encounter laughing gas in the food industry, for example in the whipped cream sprayer.

Preventing accidents caused by laughing gas use

The substance is bought in cartridges by young people who empty balloons on the street. This not only causes health risks, but also very serious traffic accidents. Minister of Justice Yeşilgöz: “With the ban, the police will soon be able to take immediate action if someone is in possession of non-professional laughing gas and has balloons with gas bottles in the car. Hopefully we can prevent accidents this way.” Earlier it appeared that nitrous oxide was involved in 63 fatal accidents and 362 accidents with injuries.

Earlier it was in Rotterdam has already introduced a red zone in many places where the sale of cartridges and balloons was already prohibited.

Source: nos.nl (NEITHER)

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