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Better sex with CBD lubricant?

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2020-02-07-Better sex with CBD lubricant?

CBD products have become indispensable. Not only the well-known cbd oils are popular, but also many health products. The miracle drug could also have a relaxing effect during sex. But a cbd lubricant?

More and more CBD-based lubricants are appearing on the market. CBD lubricant could help solve certain problems that people have in the bedroom. Not much research has yet been done on CBD lubricants, Dr. Said said. Kecia Gaither, a physician with dual management in OB-GYN and fetal medicine. Much of what is known about it is anecdotal.

see a doctor

Gaither therefore recommends that you always talk to your doctor before trying a lubricant with CBD. For example, because you are taking other medications that CBD can affect. For some, CBD lubricant is a good alternative to other lubricants on the market and can address specific problems in the bedroom, explains the doctor at the Huffpost. "Some women experience increased sensation and better orgasms with the use of CBD lubricant," said Gaither. CBD is thought to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and aid in muscle relaxation. Hence, it can work well in women who have pain during intercourse.

There is still not enough research into the effects of CBD on lube and how it can help sexually, but more and more experts are recommending cannabis products. CBD lube can increase arousal and receptivity to the touch, said San Francisco sexologist Diana Urman, but it's not guaranteed to get anyone in the mood. It can be used before sex to "get the body ready more quickly" because it "promotes muscle relaxation, blood flow, and arousal," said Urman.

Can you simply use CBD oil as a lubricant?

Like oil-based lubricants, CBD oil can break down latex in condoms. Gaither recommends looking at the ingredients of any CBD lubricant and avoiding chemicals and artificial fragrances. Find a water-based lubricant is the advice. So don't just get a CBD oil and try to use it as a lubricant as well. As with all top CBD products, you need to be aware of the brand and site you get lube from. The same goes for sex toys.
Make sure your CBD lubricant comes from a reputable company. One of the most popular brands is Foria . Also check in advance whether the product is suitable for your body. For example, due to allergies or other substances to which your body reacts violently. Find the right product for you.

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