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Drug bust in Australia: largest crystal meth seizure ever

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2022-08-28-Drug bust in Australia: largest crystal meth seizure ever found in marble

Nearly two tons of methamphetamine have been seized by Australian police. The largest ever interception of this drug, better known as crystal meth, in the country. The record catch was hidden in marble and has a street value of more than A$1,6 billion ($1,1 billion).

Three men have been charged with their alleged role in importing the drugs from the Middle East.

International drug syndicate & crystal meth

Authorities say the men are part of a wider syndicate with international ties. New South Wales police called the group sophisticated, but couldn't believe they were trying to import such large quantities of drugs. “These numbers are staggering,” said Detective Supt John Watson. "This smuggling is the largest in Australia's history."

Australia is in the throes of what authorities have called an 'ice epidemic'. They say that the drug violent crimes, addiction and mental health problems, especially in regional communities.
The country has the highest reported per capita use of crystal meth in the world, with about 6% of Australians – 1,2 million people – having used the drug. In an unrelated investigation earlier this month, police seized more than 150kg of methamphetamine from a vintage Bentley in the same harbor in Sydney.

Source: BBC.com (EN)

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