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Black Friday deals for you!

by Ties Inc.

2019-11-29-Black Friday deals on the dark web and for you

It's Black Friday again, which means crowded shopping streets, people falling over each other to secure their bargains and big discounts in webshops. Smart shops, with nice discounts on cbd and cannabis products, and the dark web also profited cheerfully: it is not for nothing BLACK Friday.

The madness that has blown over from America now also has the Netherlands and other European countries in its grip. Criminals on the so-called dark web also scatter discounts on drugs, stolen credit cards, data and so on. According to data from the American cyber-risk company Digital Shadows, more than 1600 reports about Black Friday 2019 have appeared in criminal forums in recent weeks. Fortunately, there are also many legal web and smart shops that have great discounts online.

Black Friday Deals for you!

View great deals on many CBD and cannabis products here: Nordicoil, 24 high en Apollyon.

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