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Cannabis found in New Zealand parliament garden

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2022-04-02-Cannabis found in New Zealand Parliament Garden

Weed plants have been found in the parliament garden in New Zealand after a protest against the corona measures and the vaccination obligation.

The corona protest at the New Zealand parliament building ended after more than three weeks, but the protesters did leave something behind in the parliament garden: seedlings of the cannabisplant. This week a man from Wellington saw the plants among the roses. He posted his find on social media. The man wanted to remain anonymous, but a constable of parliament confirms that a few cannabis plants appeared.

Protesters sow cannabis

A protester who had returned to the site said the protesters were responsible for spreading the seeds and that "many more are likely to germinate in the coming years." The plants, which are illegal in New Zealand, have been destroyed.

The 23-day protest in Wellington's parliament grounds over the controversial corona vaccination requirement, but was overshadowed by conspiracy theories, death threats, abusive behavior and a riot that ended in violence and fires. The grounds were left muddy and charred by campers, who also tore up parts of the landscaped gardens to plant herbs, vegetables and cannabis.

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