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Cannabis laws eased in Thailand next month

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2022-05-19-Cannabis laws eased in Thailand next month

Anyone interested in growing cannabis plants and hemp for home use in Thailand will be able to do so from next month without permission from the authorities. The plants will be removed from the Category 5 narcotics list.

Growers of cannabis plants and hemp will need to register as such through Pluk Kan, a mobile application developed and operated by the FDA. Despite the legal easing, extracts containing more than 0,2% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, will still be recognized as a Category 5 substance and regulated by bet related to drug control and suppression, an FDA official said.

Anyone who wants to grow cannabis plants and hemp for commercial purposes must request permission from the authorities. From 9 June, permission is no longer required to import cannabis seeds or other parts of the plants. Instead, imports of these products will be allowed and regulated in the same way as other plant seeds, he said.

Imported cannabis extracts

Products made with cannabis extracts brought to Thailand from other countries, whether sent in person by travelers or by post, will be regulated under different laws depending on the product types, he said. These can be roughly divided into two categories: imported foodstuffs and cosmetics.
The FDA is still working to amend up to seven laws needed to allow and regulate other herbal products made with cannabis and hemp extracts.

Source: bangkokpost.com (EN)

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