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Cannabis plant in the center of World Horti Center

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cannabis plant

The cannabis plant is used for many purposes. As a medicine, insulation material, care product or to help people relax better. Yet there is also a lot of negativity and unfamiliarity. It stands to break that stigma World Horti Center in Naaldwijk from Tuesday under the sign of green gold.

The theme square will be called Cultivation for Compounds and shows what can be done with the plant. In addition, a film showing the use of cannabis from the past to the present.

What can you do with cannabis?

During the opening of the theme square for invited guests, Jim Koop and Sonny Moerenhout tell more about the project and show all the ins and outs of the square. It is about cultivation for ingredients. Because what else can you do with this product?

Source: AD.nl (NEITHER)

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