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Cannabis producer Aphria is building a monopoly position in the EU

by Ties Inc.


CC Pharma, subsidiary of Aphria and the company's European distribution arm, has entered into a supply agreement with Materia Deutschland. Under the agreement, CC Pharma will distribute Aphria brand flower products through Materia Deutschland's network in Germany.

Materia is a medical cannabis and wellness company focused on expanding its portfolio of medicinal products offered to pharmacies in the EU (particularly Germany).
Under the terms of the agreement, CC Pharma will import the products and release them in batches, with Materia Deutschland taking responsibility for the sales and operation of pharmacies.

Adding the flower of Aphria to Materia Deutschland's portfolio of cannabis products improves the diversity of cannabis products offered to customers. It increases the market share in Germany. In the coming weeks, Materia will begin distributing and selling Aphria products to pharmacies.

Growth of cannabis producer in Europe and Canada

CC Pharma is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aphria and acts as the company's EU distribution arm. With this supply agreement, Aphria is taking good steps in Europe. Aphria previously announced a mega merger with Tilray Inc. (TLRY), making it the largest cannabis company in the world in one fell swoop. As independent companies, both Aphria and Tilray are well positioned to take advantage of the European cannabis market. After the mega merger, the combined company will make the most market share in the EU and in the legal medical and recreational industries of Canada.

Tilray operates a state-of-the-art EU GMP facility in Portugal and we expect this facility to be a major driver of growth for the combined company. Once the acquisition is complete, the company expects to post a massive increase in sales coming from the EU cannabis market.

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