Cannabis shops could aid economic recovery after pandemic losses

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2021-12-06-Cannabis shops can help economic recovery after pandemic losses

Ontario – The COVID pandemic has changed people's spending habits and some companies have done better than others. Of course, many purchases have also moved to online. Cannabis shops could aid economic recovery after or during the pandemic, says Kingston expert Jannawae McLean.

The cannabis industry was one of the few sectors that did not suffer during the pandemic, as cannabis stores are seen as essential. “For us, even during the pandemic, we were able to sell number one in a city like Kingston, which is not as big as other cities,” said Jannawae McLean of Calyx & Trichomes. “I think we did well, and I think we are prepared for anything.

17 cannabis shops and 27.000 employees

With 17 cannabis stores in the city of Kingston, Ontario, some may worry that the market is starting to become oversaturated, but McLean says it isn't. “It's not much,” she says. “If you consider how many places alcohol is sold, it's not much.”

McLean says the key to the cannabis market is accessibility. Kingston is still working on making cannabis more accessible. She says Kingston doesn't have the same problems as some other larger cities.
“In Toronto you see more clustering of shops in specific areas. The nice thing about a free market is that they usually manage themselves.” The cannabis industry is a significant contributor to the local economy, and McLean says cannabis stores can also help nationally with the recovery after the pandemic.

“Not only financially and economically, we also contributed to the labor market. More than 27.000 employees work in the stores alone. That doesn't even include production facilities and everything the cannabis industry offers.”

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