Research shows that cannabis users more often have sleep problems

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People who use recreational drugs are more likely to have sleep problems. Especially with cannabis use, as shown by new Dutch research by Statistics Netherlands and health authorities.

About 10% of Dutch people over the age of 17 indicate that they have used at least one type of drug in 2021/2022. This is an increase of one percentage point compared to the previous survey in 2017/2018. Cannabis remains the most popular drug and is used by 5% of the population. About 3% say they have used both cannabis and other drugs and 2% say they have used drugs but not cannabis.

Cannabis and other drug use

The use of cannabis remains stable, according to Statistics Netherlands, but the use of other drugs, such as amphetamines and ecstasy, has increased slightly. The study also found that people who use drugs are more likely to experience mental health and sleep problems, especially those who use cannabis. About 40% of marijuana users reported having sleep problems, compared to 23% who don't use.

About 25% of drug users also reported having mental health problems, compared to 13% of those who do not use drugs. About 29% suffered from episodes of anxiety, compared to 16% of non-users. 22% of users had symptoms of depression, compared to 9% of non-users.

Source: (NEITHER)

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