CBD & Sex: what does this drug do between the sheets

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2021-01-11-CBD & Sex: what does this drug do between the sheets

CBD is used against an endless array of ailments. But it can also be fun to use CBD. It is known that a joint can improve the sexual experience, but how and why do you put cannabidiol between the sheets?

CBD is found in many mood-enhancing products such as drinks, chocolate bars, lotions, lubricants, massage oils, supplements or clitoral stimulants. The fabric has become extremely popular in recent years, although there are also many cowboys on the market.

Sexy CBD

How can the CBD market boost performance in the bedroom? That is the key question. First of all, it can help to relax and reduce anxiety. Useful for people who are concerned about their bed performance. It can also help with vaginismus, a condition in which the vaginal muscles occasionally tighten involuntarily. Sometimes this makes it difficult to have sex or it hurts. So not so good. If the cause is tension, CBD can help with this. Give it a try.

CBD as a bed partner

CBD is also known as an anti-inflammatory, it can make sex more pleasant. For example with menstrual cramps or with joint and muscle problems. It also increases blood flow to the erogenous zones and increases sensual sensitivity. So Netflix & Chill.

Many users claim that CBD increases pleasure and intensifies the climax. This is not surprising, as the human body already produces its own natural endocannabinoids, which are released in abundance during orgasm. Studies show that there is a significant relationship between endocannabinoids and female arousal in particular, and we know that these endogenous substances play an essential role in sexual function.

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