CBD and social media

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2020-03-21-CBD and social media in America

Although CBD is a non-psychoactive extract of the cannabis plant, its legalization poses many challenges and questions. CBD has been legalized in many states, but marketing is not appreciated in many cases.

CBD (Cannabidiol) has become even more popular than it already was due to legalization in many countries and states. It explains why social media is full of CBD ads, marketing posts, and discussion threads. Facebook and Instagram are full of the best CBD cartridges, cannabidiol uses, vape pens and more.

Lawsuits against American vape company

JUUL Labs Inc, the largest vape company in the United States, is facing several lawsuits related to vaping advertisements on social media. The US company is engaged in a legal battle with policymakers such as the FDA and anti-drug activists. The company is accused of causing the popularity of vaping among young people in the so-called teenage vape epidemic.

CBD on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook is categorical in its advertiser policy, especially when it comes to promoting vape products on the platform. The big question is whether there are loopholes and where the limit of promotion lies. A lot of vape and CBD related posts are posted on Facebook and Twitter every day that can have a huge appeal to young people.
This is supported by a publication on the Cannabis Law Report stating that Facebook may not have enforced the complete ban on all CDB-related ads. Sellers can still post Facebook ads of hemp-derived products and link them directly to landing pages on their websites.

CBD on Instagram

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is also full of promotion of CBD products. From posts highlighting the benefits of CBD oil, vlogs from influencers offering vape products, and anecdotes from people using CBD health products. Instagram is a leading social media network where companies harvest thousands of clicks and followers. The 2018 Farm Bill, approved by President Trump, has certainly contributed to all that social media violence.

While the Instagram ad policy for CBD products is not clear, the fact that the Farm Bill excludes hemp from controlled substances gives another twist to CBD use. The social media platform allows companies and individuals to post messages and paid advertisements related to hemp and CBD. However, marketing or advertising cannabis is not allowed on Instagram, although some companies / individuals openly do so. The role of the FDA thus comes to the fore, especially its role in curbing illegal advertising targeting teenagers on social media.

CBD on YouTube

From capsules, creams, oils, pens, CBD cartridges, gummies, tinctures to pills, YouTube is another channel that cannabis companies are using for promotion. A quick YouTube search will bring up thousands of Cannabidiol related videos. Central to JUUL Labs Inc.'s legal battle There is a lawsuit over the illegal use of YouTube to promote vape products among teens. The hype surrounding cannabidiol is here to stay. The growth of the product range will also increase the number of advertising companies. These companies will continue to benefit from loopholes in social media marketing policies.

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