Home CBD Can CBD and THC help in the fight against the corona virus? Research into treatment COVID-19 says it does.

Can CBD and THC help in the fight against the corona virus? Research into treatment COVID-19 says it does.

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Can CBD and THC help in the fight against the coronavirus? Research in the context of the COVID-19 treatment says yes.

With coronavirus variants raging around the world, could CBD and THC provide benefits as yet unknown in treating and preventing the deadly effects of this global virus? While CBD and THC are already known to help with many diseases, scientists worldwide are looking for different combinations and strains to better understand how they can reduce long-term complications and death.

For most of 2020 and as early as 2021, new studies will emerge that hark back to previous findings, creating a strong link between CBD and THC as anti-virus agents. In fact, CBD already makes a difference with COVID-19.

Here are three quick facts to know:

  • CBD has already been proven to reduce inflammation in the body, which is directly related to the damage of cytokines released by the coronavirus. Many COVID-19 patients have not died from the virus itself. The body's response to the virus - a process called a cytokine storm - caused the body to go into a 'fight' mode, causing respiratory problems and over-saturation of cytokines in the body. Every time a virus enters the body, it releases cytokines, a secretion from the cells that respond to the virus, allowing the immune system to retaliate.
  • CBD could be an effective treatment against cytokine storms, which is what causes most of the havoc in the body. Also according to the medical journal HealthEurope: “The initial findings of a study currently being conducted by terpene manufacturer Eybna and cannabis research and development company CannaSoul Analytics, both from Israel, seem to indicate that the combination of terpenes and cannabinoids used is up to twice that. It appears to be more effective than the corticosteroid dexamethasone when used to reduce inflammation from COVID-19, according to this study. The research has not yet been peer-reviewed.”
  • More research is being done abroad to see the full effects of the virus and ways that CBD can reduce long-term damage. Research from the Rabin Medical Center in Beilinson, a leading hospital, suggests further studies. In recent research, the center's team found that of the 11 patients in the program, 8 saw an improvement in infections due to the virus.

A clinical trial in Israel "is intended to help and assist COVID-19 patients in severe states with respiratory failure from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)." Because heart damage is a major cause of complications from COVID-19, many are exploring ways to reduce the virus's effects on the body after infection. Stero Biotechs CEO David Bassa has been at the forefront of using CBD and synthetic CBD in other studies, including Crohn's disease and hives.

CBD and THC against COVID-19

THC is also no stranger to the fight against the coronavirus. The University of South Carolina unveiled a June 2020 study published in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology, which showed that THC could effectively treat COVID complications and reduce mortality. The preliminary study found that using mice “THC led to 100% mouse survival” with the compound that reduces inflammatory cytokines, IFN-γ and TNF-α, removes the 'cytokine rush' or overreaction to the virus and discovers how specific cells and bacteria in the lung played a critical role in understanding the range and extinction of COVID-19.

CBD and THC against COVID-19
CBD and THC against COVID-19 (afb.)

Another study published by the scientific journal Nature in January 2021, discovered the C. sativa marijuana strain inflammation against the virus and immune response markers. The study showed a promising result, but emphasized caution when using cannabis.

One element is certain: the scientific community appears to be more widely accepting cannabis containing CBD and THC to treat newer diseases, leading to better education, more research and understanding for all.

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