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CBD as antibiotics for super bacteria

by Ties Inc.

2019-07-03-Cbd as antibiotics for superbugs

Globally, resistance to antibiotics is increasing. That is very worrying, according to Australian scientists who have therefore started research into CBD as an alternative to antibiotics.
The scientists have tried cannabidiol on various bacteria, including on so-called superbugs that most antibiotics no longer work against.

The first test showed that, like antibiotics, CBD kills bacteria. The researchers tested this on streptococci, among other things. Cannabidiol eliminated this bacteria, which causes sore throats, within three hours. It was also tested for vancomycin, which CBD also appeared to have an influence on.

The research is promising because bacteria are unlikely to become resistant to cannabidol. It may therefore also offer long-term prospects. A researcher at the University of Queensland warned against experimenting with CBD as antibiotics.

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