CBD cookies, muffins and cookies for the holidays

by Team Inc.

2019-12-06-CBD cookies, muffins and cookies for the holidays

The holidays are upon us again. Sinterklaas has just left the country, has been Christmas Eve and so we are already looking for a symmetrical Christmas tree. Of course, the month of December is also the time to cozy up by the fireplace. Time to relax and look back on the year 2019. You can really chill out hard with the CBD edibles from Cannabis Bakehouse.

“First Cannabis Bakehouse in Europe, many more to come”, proud Shai Ramsahai posts on his Instagram. Shai is the son of cannabis seed millionaire Boy Ramasai, owner of Royaal Queen Seeds, one of the largest legal cannabis players in the Netherlands.

Shai Ramsai CBD Bakehouse

Cannabis Bakehouse

When you look at the website of this 'CBD bakery' you will find many different edibles. For example brownies, muffins, cookies, coffee, cbd honey and chocolate. Relaxed into the holidays or a good start to the new year? Pay a visit to the store in Amsterdam or order via the webshop.

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