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Research report: CBD market with forecasts up to 2025

by Ties Inc.

2020-07-02-Research report: CBD market with forecasts to 2025

Wiseguy Research has analyzed the CBD market based on various factors such as price, supply chain and Porter's five forces. The report focuses on the volume and value of cannabidiol (cbd) products at the global, regional and company levels.

From a global perspective, this report represents the total market size of Cannabidiol Products (CBD Products) by examining historical data and future perspectives.

Analysis of market segments

The research report contains specific segments per type of product and per application. The report is segmented by: CBD oil, CBD Perfume, CBD capsules, CBD Bath Soak, CBD Sunscreen and other products. It contains figures for recent years, but also provides insights and expectations of the market up to 2026. It is also segmented by type of sales point, such as supermarkets, independent retailers or online sales.

The main regions in the market report are: North America, Canada, Europe, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Latin America, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Middle East, Africa, Turkey and Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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