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CBD oil for pets: how safe is it?

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CBD oil for pets: how safe is it?

Happy 4th of July! Fireworks may be fun for you and your family, but it's not fun at all for your pets. It can even be dangerous for their health. That is why many people turn to CBD oil to calm their pets. But is it safe?

News 12 in America spoke with many owners of pet stores in the Augusta area of ​​Georgia and they all say that these CBD and hemp products are off the shelf. Local vets are not so convinced of the new health trend.

Meowijuana and chill-out hemp balm are just a few products on the shelves of a pet store like Garden City Pet.

“I had too many people asking me for it. At first, I resisted because of the lack of regulation, ”said Tiana O'Neill, the owner of Garden City Pet.

Tiana O'Neill has been selling the Pet CBD for about a year now and she sees people buying what they can find without any idea what's in it.

The FDA has not yet approved CBD as a veterinary medicine, so there are no regulations yet.

"You won't find many vets who really recommend these products because the safety studies haven't been done," said Dr. Jason Norman, with Hammond Hills Animal Hospital.

Dr. Norman has heard mixed results with other local vets.

"I have let some owners know that they have had a little improvement in certain situations, I have had other owners who have reported that their dogs have not tolerated them at all and that they have had some pretty serious problems there," says Norman.

He wouldn't go into details, but said they weren't life-threatening issues. If you do buy it, the American Kennel Club says it must be organic, must contain zero THC, and be free of additives.

For now, veterinarians who have spoken with say that it might be best to wait a little longer with the CBD for your pet.

"Wait for the good approved studies, I believe CBD may have a place in veterinary medicine, we just don't know where that is now," said Norman.

If you don't want to use CBD oil for your pet, the vet says you can give them a chew toy, buy a so-called Thundershirt (calming) and turn on loud music or the TV to calm your pet. Exercise during the day can also help. If those don't work, ask your vet for an anti-anxiety medication as another remedy.

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