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CBD products off the shelves? Novel food Guidelines Cannabidiol

It works against many ailments: from insomnia to eczema, from ADHD to smoking cessation: CBD products. Radar previously paid attention to CBD oil, because we actually don't know what's in it. Since it is a dietary supplement, it is not monitored. Brussels therefore recently decided that CBD products should be better researched and classified them as 'novel food'. This means that products such as pills, capsules and cream containing CBD must comply with stricter laws and regulations. If the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) is going to enforce this decision, all CBD products may have to be temporarily removed from the shelves to have it examined.

Producer of CBD products and also president of the European Industrial Hemp Association Mark Reinders says the genie is out of the bottle. 'People use it en masse and will not just stop doing so. European food tests and safety reports take a lot of time. It can take anywhere from eighteen months to five years. Our fear is that people will try to get hold of the products illegally, if the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport decides that the products must be temporarily taken off the market. ' This fear is not entirely unjustified, our research shows. Radar conducted a small survey of CBD users showing that more than half, 53 percent, would illegally buy CBD products if they were no longer available in stores.

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'More research needs to be done into CBD products'

According to August de Loor, chairman of Cannabinoiden Adviesbureau Nederland (CAN), more research is definitely needed. He is pleased that CBD is now classified as a novel food and that more research is therefore coming. 'It just needs to be clarified what exactly is in the CBD products. Consumers need to know what they are using. Without risks. ' De Loor is convinced that the products of the major suppliers such as Jacob Hooy have things well organized. 'We are working with the industry to set up a quality mark, so that it becomes clear to the consumer which products are reliable and which are not. It must have a self-regulating effect. A kind of logo will then appear on the products, 'says De Loor.

Government is lagging behind the facts

De Loor believes that the government is lagging behind. 'The popularity is unprecedented, but nothing has been arranged. CBD has now gone mainstream and is finally out of the drug corner. We don't have to go back to square one. Many people do not know that there is a big difference between cannabis oil, which makes you high, and CBD oil. This will not get you high, because the substance THC is not or only in a negligible amount in the oil. 'Yet people with CBD still have an association with drugs because it originally came from that angle,' says De Loor.

Quality mark in development

CAN is working with the industry to develop a quality mark so that it becomes clear to consumers whether the CBD meets the quality requirements set by the market itself. They are still working on the development, but according to De Loor it could be introduced in the short term. On Tuesday, March 5, CAN and the producers of CBD products will have a meeting with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. Then it may become clear how the new rules are enforced.

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