Home Nutrition Celebrate International Beer Day with Marijuana beers, Mocktails and drinks with a THC replacement

Celebrate International Beer Day with Marijuana beers, Mocktails and drinks with a THC replacement

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Celebrate International Beer Day with Marijuana beers, Mocktails and drinks with a THC replacement

International beer day, started in 2007, takes place annually on the first Friday in August (2 August this year). The first celebration took place in 2008, but has since spread to more than 200 cities in 80 different countries around the world.

Three ways to celebrate the international beer day

When International Beer Day was founded by Jesse Avshalmov, he explained three ways to celebrate International Beer Day:

  • "To gather with friends and enjoy the deliciousness of beer."
  • "To appreciate and celebrate the dedicated men and women who brew and serve our beer."
  • "To bring the world together by celebrating the beer of all countries and cultures on this one remarkable day."

When a heat wave strikes and you don't have air conditioning, you only have a few options: Find a nearby swimming pool, go to a movie in a chilled movie theater or drink something cold. For many of us this means icy beer or a chilled cocktail, but not everyone likes alcohol.

How can you celebrate this International Beer Day, among other things?

As we wrote before some overheated people want to relax with cannabis while the rest of their friends drink, but they can't always do this without offense; Times can change, but smoking will often disturb others, whatever is in those papers. But there are alternatives: to help you stay dry this summer, here are five cannabis-infused beers, mocktails, and other beverages.

Ceria Brewing CO

Now you can enjoy a hoppy brew with your friends. As the first THC-infused beer company to launch in Colorado, Ceria founded by Blue Moon creator Keith Villa. The brand was introduced to pharmacies last year and currently sells a Belgian-style white beer, with plans to brew an American lager and an IPA in the near future. The beers are brewed like a traditional barley pop, but the alcohol is removed and later replaced with THC.

John Dankly

When it comes to refreshing spiky drinks, it's hard to beat a John Daly - aka an Arnold Palmer with a shot of vodka. The sweet, sugary mix of iced tea and lemonade has gotten a lot wet on and off the golf course on a hot summer day, and now you can get a THC buzz on it. Make your own or buy one Dixie Half & Half, a mix of lemonade, iced tea and THC.


Too impatient to enjoy a full glass? Dispensaries also have shot equivalents and carry small and large amounts of THC for microdosing as well as low and high tolerances. You can try mirroring the Red Bull and vodka route with a Zoots energy shot, unwind from a tough day with a relaxing night shot of Magic Buzz, or just enjoy a ready-made cocktail with cannabis from Kalvara.

THC Seltzer & Soda Water

With the success of LaCroix and spicy seltzers such as White Claw, it was only a matter of time before cannabis carbonated water arrived. Companies like Phyx and Oh Hi (started by the co-owner of Ska Brewing and the owners of the Durango Organics pharmacy) make fruity seltzers in the United States with up to 10 milligrams of THC and are already for sale in hundreds of Colorado-weed stores this summer.

Your own mocktails

Don't like packaged drinks? Then make your own cannabis mocktail. Tinctures and distillate powders containing concentrated CBD and/or THC really make infusing drinks a cinch… and you can adjust the dosage to suit your own needs. View some THC mocktail ideas from professionals for inspiration.

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