Concerns about synthetic cannabis in prisons

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The Trimbos Institute expresses its concern about the use of synthetic cannabis that is smuggled into Dutch prisons via letter mail. The use of the synthetic cannabinoids (SCRAs) has been seen 'for a long time' in foreign prisons, says Trimbos.

Last year, Trimbos conducted research together with Correlation – European Harm Reduction Network in the Penitentiary Institution (PI) in Ter Apel. The synthetic designer drugs, made in laboratories, were found in the cells and were also mentioned in interviews with employees and detainees.

Effect of synthetic cannabis

Using this synthetic cannabis can be life-threatening, because the strength and duration of the intoxication can vary greatly. In extreme cases, this can lead to life-threatening side effects. “It is difficult to dose. As a prisoner you don't know what you will get. Sometimes it has no effect, sometimes it does and it can be very bad for you," explains drug researcher Daan van der Gouwe of the Trimbos Institute in the NOS Radio 1 Journaal.

Little is known about the scale on which synthetic cannabinoids are used, but research shows that it is the most commonly used substance after cannabis and alcohol. The substances are more difficult to detect than, for example, cannabis or cocaine. Urine tests do not show use.

Source: (NEITHER)

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