Cresco Labs launches first-ever cannabis ads on Spotify

by Team Inc.


Cresco Labs Inc. is the first company ever to launch cannabis ads on Spotify. The market leader in branded cannabis products, with a portfolio of America's most popular brands and the operator of Sunnyside dispensaries, announced this today.

This hugely popular audio streaming platform has over 551 million users and 220 million subscribers.
“Audio streaming services provide a great opportunity for brands to reach large audiences in a targeted way, and we are excited to partner with Spotify to launch the first-ever cannabis ads from our national retail brand Sunnyside,” said Cory Rothschild, Cresco Labs' National Chairman of retail.

Next level cannabis marketing

“Spotify's platform will enable our marketing team to target our advertising in a compliant and profitable manner to our key customers in Illinois, where we have a leading share of the retail industry. This important collaboration is not just a step in normalization cannabis, but also demonstrates the sophistication and quality of the marketing we have unlocked at Cresco Labs.”

Cresco Labs' mission is to normalize and professionalize the cannabis industry through a CPG approach to building national brands and a customer-centric shopping experience. The company also acts as a steward for the industry on legislative and regulatory initiatives. As a leader in growing, manufacturing and distributing branded products, the company leverages its scale and flexibility to expand its portfolio of brands, including Cresco, High Supply, FloraCal, Good News, Wonder Wellness Co., Mindy's and Remedi expand on a national level.

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