Dangerous Ecstasy (MDMA) across Europe

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The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) said that based on EU data, MDMA pills now contain higher levels of the drug than in the past.

The HSE has issued new warnings for MDMA. Not only because the ecstasy pills are stronger, but also because they may contain unknown chemicals. The agency's drug information service, drugs.ie, said MDMA's potency is on the rise across Europe.

Contaminated and stronger MDMA in ecstasy

An update on the website states that the ecstasy market varies and that both high-dose MDMA and counterfeit products have been a concern for some time. “There are increasing numbers of MDMA-related hospitalizations and deaths in some countries.”

The most recent data on drug-related deaths in Ireland dates back to 2017, which showed there were 14 MDMA-related deaths that year and 89 between 2008 and 2017. The HSE said that, based on EU data, ecstasy pills now contain higher levels of containing the drug compared to those in the past.

Ten years ago, pills contained about 60-90mg of MDMA, while services in Europe are now discovering that pills can contain 2-3 times (more than 200+mg) the average dose of MDMA, which can significantly increase the risks.

MDMA powder and crystals

The HSE states that many services consider 125 mg high dose MDMA. The effect differs from person to person. This is determined, among other things, by the following unique factors: physical and mental health, existing health problems, gender and the environment in which one is located.

The HSE said people may not be aware of the dosage contained in a pill, powder or crystal. It warned users not to think that MDMA powder and crystals might be safer than ecstasy pills. We have found that some young people view MDMA powders and crystals as a more 'trusted' option compared to pills, but powders and crystals can also contain large amounts or be contaminated.

Source: irishexaminer.com (EN)

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