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DEA warns of brightly colored “rainbow” fentanyl

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A new sales ploy in drug land: rainbow fentanyl. The bright colors are intended to appeal to young people. The drug — packaged in colorful pills — sometimes closely resembles other products, suggesting it's safe.

“Colored pills have been around for a few years. Mostly they were blue pills labeled 'M30' to counterfeit oxycodone, which is a much weaker opioid," said Joseph Palamar, an associate professor in the Department of Population Health at NYU Langone Health, who has identified trends in illegal drug use. fentanyl has studied.

Candy, sidewalk chalk or fentanyl?

There are not only pills in circulation, but also powders and blocks that often look a lot like candy or sidewalk chalk. These are sold in several states and can pose a serious threat to young people. At present, this trade is only a small part of the much larger, ongoing opioid crisis. Fentanyl is extremely addictive and deadly if one overdoses.

Parents are afraid that their children will come into contact with the drugs because they think it is something else. Palamar: "I don't think the color of the pills greatly increases the danger for people who don't use fentanyl, but it can happen that someone leaves their pills within the reach of children."

He added: “We have to realize that these pills cost a lot of money. Most people won't just leave them lying around or handing them out as Halloween candy.”

Source: edition.cnn.com (EN)

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