Doctors want suspension of cannabis decriminalization

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2022-07-27-Doctors want to suspend cannabis decriminalization

Thailand- More than 800 doctors at Ramathibodi Hospital have called for the immediate suspension of the cannabis decriminalization policy. This is to protect young people.

This was announced by the president of the Forensic Physicians Association of Thailand, Dr. Smith Srisont. He posted on his Facebook account that 851 doctors, teachers and alumni of the Ramathibodi Hospital Faculty of Medicine at Mahidol University had issued a statement requesting the immediate suspension of the decriminalization of recreational marijuana.

Negative effects of cannabis on young people

According to the statement, the decriminalization of cannabis without measures and good policies for safe use lead to widespread use of the drug among young people, which can lead to negative effects. “The current situation is a real threat to the health system and public health, both in the short and long term,” the statement said.

The doctors urged the government to immediately suspend the policy until laws are in place to protect young people from abuse and to ensure proper use of cannabis, in order to minimize the impact on the general public.

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