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Drug Abuse: Boris Johnson Doesn't Support Controlled Drug Use Chambers

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2021-08-06-Boris Johnson not in favor of controlled rooms for drug use

Boris Johnson says he is instinctively against special chambers for drug use, which the Scottish government wants to introduce. Scottish ministers say the facilities would help tackle the record level of drug-related deaths.

But they say they have encountered legal obstacles as the Misuse of Drugs Act is reserved for Westminster. The prime minister told BBC Scotland he is "not in favor of encouraging people to do more" drugs to use". Instead, he urged the Scottish government to sign up to Project Adder, which is taking a crackdown on drug couriers and dealers.

Drug deaths in Scotland reach new record

The number of drug-related deaths in Scotland rose last year to a new record of 1.339, by far the highest recorded number in Europe and more than three and a half times the number of deaths in England and Wales.

Scotland's drug policy minister, Angela Constance, told MSPs on Tuesday that the number of deaths in Scotland was "as heartbreaking as it is unacceptable" and described it as our national disgrace. She said it is a new national mission to turn the tide — and said work is underway to establish safe consumption facilities — where addicts can inject and use drugs in a clean, controlled environment. She said: "We know they are not the only solution, but they are helping to save lives - and we are determined to implement this regardless of the constitutional constraints we face."

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The creation of such rooms is supported by medical professionals, who have long complained about drug policies in Edinburgh and London. However, the British government must know nothing about this and the main drug legislation is reserved for Westminster. Johnson told BBC Scotland he was not in favor of any policies that could encourage people to use drugs.

He said: “The number of drug deaths is nothing short of tragic, and we have to deal with it. I am more than willing to work with the Government of Scotland and authorities at every level. Instinctively, I am not in favor of encouraging people to use more drugs. I am in favor of helping problem addicts get off the drugs, but I am also in favor of a tough approach.”

The Prime Minister encouraged the Scottish government to sign up for Project Adder – which stands for Addiction, Diversion, Disruption, Enforcement and Recovery – which combines policing with treatment and recovery services. He said this helped put "a ring of steel" around drug gangs.

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